Face Me Por Favor Portrait Submissions

This spring, PlySpace welcomes the FaceMePorFavor mural project to Muncie. Artists Matt Litwin and Victoria Eidelsztein from Argentina will complete several neighborhood murals as part of their PlySpace residency. FaceMePorFavor’s goal is to create a visual voice for people to share their hopes and dreams, fear and despair. The artists will adhere painted poster portraits and quotes throughout the city to celebrate and connect with its people—young, old, immigrants, and the often overlooked communities of Muncie.  

Learn more about submitting a wall for consideration.


Submit Your Photo and Profile Questionnaire!

Residents of Muncie are invited to submit their photo and profile (filled out below or via the google form link) to be included in the pool of images and text that the artists will use in the murals. Not all portraits and profiles will be used, and the content is up to the artists’ discretion based on the quality of the portrait images. There will be multiple murals installed around Muncie, so there are many opportunities for your photo to be incorporated!

Questions about the process can be sent to hello@plyspace.org.

You can submit a portrait on someone else’s behalf, such as an important figure in your community who has passed away, or for someone who doesn’t have the ability to submit their own portrait. You must have permission from the person or their family/guardian/heirs in order to submit a picture that is not your own. Please email hello@plyspace.org with any questions.

Also, please know that by filling out these forms or by submitting a portrait you are giving your permission for the artists to use your words or likeness in the project in Muncie!

Click here for an example of a good and bad photo portrait.

Submissions will not be accepted after March 30, 2019 - but the sooner you submit the more likely you will be included!

Submission with a Google Account:

Follow this link to the questionnaire google-form. It should open in a new tab. You can fill out the form and submit your photo using the upload link at the bottom of the form. Super simple!

If you do not have a google account, you can either sign up, or submit your form below.

Submission without a Google Account:

Fill out the questions below. You can fill out as much or as little information as you like and there are no wrong answers. Your submission will not be shared with anyone but the artists. There is no need to answer all of the questions, but we love to learn about your story!

You can then email up to 5 photos to hello@plyspace.org. Please put your name in the subject line so we can connect your questionnaire with your pictures.

Name *
Can we use your name in a mural? *
Sometimes the artists will put quotations or photos that list the name of the submitter. Can the artist's use your name in their work?
I would like my profile / portrait to be used: *

Thanks for your submission!

Did you send your photo to hello@plyspace.org? Don’t forget!