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Meet the PlySpace Residents of past and future!

Kacie Lyn Martinez - 2018 Summer Resident


Kacie Lyn Martinez is a participatory fiber artist who designs programs, instillations, and experiences that reimagine inclusive, safe, and engaged communities. Kacie Lyn is interested in the ways shared visual and literary languages enable community healing and collective self-actualization, particularly through traditional and new fiber making. While in residency at PlySpace, she worked with several Muncie community organizations to collaboratively weave tapestries that make tangible a process of cathartic healing, community cohesion, and home-making. Kacie Lyn was in residence during the month of August.

Kacie Lyn completed her special public participatory weaving project, "the hopes we wear on our backs", which will be on view at Canan Commons in Muncie, IN, through the fall, weather permitting. Kacie Lyn has created a webpage describing the project and outcomes. Learn more about the project here!