Our Residents

Linda Ryan - 2018 Fall Resident


Linda Ryan is a choreographer, dancer, performance artist, and multimedia explorer. She seeks to test the boundaries of dance performance with unconventional costumes, tools, and technologies. She has created movement with velcro suits, wearable audio speakers, GoPro action cameras, and more. She holds a BA in Dance from the George Washington University's Corcoran School of the Arts & Design, where she received the Luther Rice Research Fellowship as well as the Enosinian Scholars Grant. She is an award-winning dance researcher, conducting movement research and experiential choreography both internationally and at home in the US. Her previous performances include work by The Maida Withers Dance Construction Company, Vladimir Conde Reche, Annika B. Lewis, I-Fen Tung, and Anton Ovchinnikov. Linda worked in Washington, DC until 2018 and is now based in upstate New York.

While at PlySpace this fall, Linda will work on developing new dance technologies while also collaborating with the Cornerstone Center for the Arts in Muncie to offer contemporary movement workshops for adults and youth.