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Matt Litwin + Victoria Eidelsztein - 2019 Spring Residents


Victoria Eidelsztein (Argentina) has a degree in Visual Arts with an orientation in print making. Since 2008 she has exhibited her work in different collective and individual exhibitions: Palais de Glace Museum, La Sin Futuro, El Ojo Errante Gallery, Panal 361 Artist Residency, Freudian School of Buenos Aires, among others. After graduating in 2013, she has been teaching art in different spaces in Buenos Aires: Flexible Lab, Pinta Conmigo and also at Martín Buber and September elementary schools. Her work has progressed through various media: printmaking, drawing, digital art and painting. For the last couple of years Victoria focused her work on portraits. In January and February 2019, Victoria will be a resident artist at Women's Studio Workshop in Rosendale, New York.

After graduating from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago seven years ago, Matt Litwin started his own business, Limpio Designs. The name Limpio, which means clean in Spanish, was created to help ‘clean’ oppressive environments in Chicago with positive and colorful artwork. Through Limpio, Litwin had the opportunity to work as a traveling muralist and street artist. Within the medium of murals, he painted artwork that celebrates natural ecosystems and endangered animals. These murals often juxtapose the monotone grey walls of the city with the bold and pastel colors that he paints using aerosols and latex paints. Through his travels, Litwin has inspiration from people in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Thailand, Canada, and the United States.

In Buenos Aires, Eidelsztein and Litwin have created a street art campaign called FaceMePorFavor with a simple mission of painting portraits as portals to the human spirit. Their goal is to create a visual voice for people to share their hopes and dreams, fear and despair. They glue wheat-paste portraits throughout the streets to connect the City with its people—young, old, immigrants, and the hidden people of Buenos. FaceMePorFavor has expanded to include portraits of impassioned advocates working to promote equality for women and girls in the US and globally. Recently they have collaborated with the NGO Techo Argentina.

Murals around Muncie

While in residence, Litwin and Eidelsztein brought their FaceMePorFavor project to Muncie, Indiana, creating numerous small temporary murals to celebrate the city and its neighborhoods. Take a look at the amazing work they did in the community.

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