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Siena Hancock - 2019 Spring Resident


Siena Hancock is an interdisciplinary artist who makes sculpture, interactive installation and artist books/zines. A Boston native, Hancock graduated Massachusetts College of Art with her BFA in 2016. She has recently completed an installation at the Dirt Palace in Providence, RI and a residency at Main St Arts in Upstate, New York. Research plays an important role in Hancock’s practice, utilizing an ethnographic approach she records interviews with women as part of ongoing project Feminist Utopias. Her current work deals with cyberfeminism, alternative realities, mythology, and how technology affects social customs.

While in residence, Hancock will continue her long term personal work on utopian feminism. Hancock will conduct interviews, distribute surveys, and develop ethnographies of women in Muncie to discuss feminism in the Midwest. She will use the interviews and collected data to create immersive sound sculpture installations and to develop a local social-laboratory where group discussions and in-depth interviews can occur, and where participants can explore printed materials and research the history of women, women’s liberation, and suffrage in the Muncie area.