Face Me Por Favor Wall Submissions


How to submit a wall for the FaceMePorFavor Mural Project:

  1. If you are a building owner or know a building owner who would like to submit a wall or surface for the project, please download and fill out the pdf submission form.

    PDF Submission Form (click to download)

  2. Email the form and an image/photo of the wall to hello@plyspace.org.

  3. If the wall fits in the parameters of the project and the artists feel the surface will work for the mural process, we will contact you (the contact person listed on the submission form).

  4. If you are not the wall owner, but are submitting a wall in your neighborhood, please be sure you have permission from the owner to submit the wall. The owner of the wall will need to sign a contract before we can begin the mural process.

  5. All submissions must be received no later than March 10th, 2019. Since the artists are only in Muncie until April 5th, we would love to have your submissions as soon as possible.

  6. If you have any trouble - just email us at hello@plyspace.org or facemeporfavor@gmail.com!

Submissions will not be accepted after March 10, 2019!

What makes a good wall?

FaceMePorFavor is a community building project that draws from all aspects of a neighborhood. The murals that are created will depict many different people, faces, activities, and quotes taken from the Portrait / Profile Submissions.

We are happy to include all neighborhoods in Muncie in this project!

  • Walls should be relatively smooth (brick and masonry is okay, as long as it is not crumbling or very textured).

  • Walls should be relatively clean or cleanable. We would like wall owners or neighborhoods to wipe or spray down the walls before the artists arrive, which helps them be successful in their process. If walls are very dirty or muddy, have flaking paint or soot, or moss/algae growth, they will need to cleaned before they can be used for a mural. Some walls might not be able to support this mural process, so we will let you know when we visit the site.

  • Wall owners should understand that the murals are created to reflect the community so should not be curated by the wall owner to only represent one specific individual or group, unless that individual or group is chosen as a collective representative of the neighborhood or community (i.e. historically important or influential members of a neighborhood).

  • Wall owners should give the artists creative control over what is on the wall. They will be working in the same style and with similar content as other murals they have made around the world, and will focus on themes like positivity, hope, community, and the human spirit. Some examples of their work can be seen at the bottom of this page!

  • If you have another idea for a mural that doesn’t fit the guidelines, we are happy to connect you to the artists to discuss doing a mural on commission after the PlySpace project is over.

Murals can be attached to most materials:

  • Brick / Cement / Masonry Block in good condition

  • Wood siding that is smooth (not shingle)

  • Metal siding or wall (not grated or porous)

  • Marine-grade exterior plywood, or treated plywood that can be in the weather.

  • Other solid surfaces - the artists are happy to take a look at your wall submission and can let you know if your wall will work for the process.

Does the submission have to be a wall?

Nope! The artists can work on any surface, large or small. They have worked on doors, boarded-up windows, fences, retaining walls, and other exterior surfaces.

How is the mural installed?

Murals will be a combination of paste-paper, and latex paint.

The artists will use latex paint on paper, and then they will adhere the paper to the wall using adhesive. This is a very common method used by street artists and allows the artist to work on the imagery in the studio and then put the mural up quickly when the weather is good.

The artists will sometimes paint a background color on the wall before they attach the paste-paper. they might also paint over the paste-paper once it is installed. The final result will be a collage that is then coated with a top coat so that it is weather resistant.

What happens after the mural is installed?

Murals become the responsibility of the property owner after they are installed. Any removal or upkeep is up to the owner or neighborhood to maintain.

As the murals age, they can be removed with a pressure washer, scraped off, or painted over by the wall owner, as needed. Paste-paper murals will last up to 2-5 years, depending on whether they receive a top-coat and if they are maintained. Murals painted directly on the wall will last for 5-10 years, or longer if they are touched up.

PlySpace, the artists, MACC, or the City of Muncie are not responsible for murals after they are installed.

If you have other questions, let us know!

Contact hello@plyspace.org!