Want to be a Collaborator?


“That's so cool! Look, it's fire!”

When he brought the hot sculpture over with his prongs, and put it into the wheelbarrow with water, as the sculpture sizzled, Matt, a six year old said, "Look, the water is evaporating!" He thought about science at that very moment! Then the joy on the kids' faces as they held the artwork up. Absolute bliss!

Jacqueline Hanoman, Ross Community Center

Is your organization is interested in becoming a community collaborator?

We are always interested in hearing your organization's story. To learn more about the process of being a PlySpace Community Collaborator, take a look at The Community Collaborator Guidelines. If you have questions about the process, or what it means to be a collaborator, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Then, please let us know about your organization!

Step 1: Join the PlySpace newsletter.

Visit www.plyspace.org/subscribe

Step 2: Contact the Coordinator @ hello@plyspace.org

The PlySpace Residency Coordinator will either work with you directly or let you know about an upcoming info session. Info sessions will offer an overview of the nuts and bolts of being a Community Collaborator. Interested partners can ask questions about the program and get personalized information about how the collaboration could work for their specific organization.

Step 3: Submit a short letter of interest by email to hello@plyspace.org.

Letters can be submitted at any time. After the PlySpace coordinator receives a letter of interest, we will keep the letter and project details on file in order to match the organization with a resident. We will also hold orientation sessions prior to each term for the community organizations that are matched with a resident. If your organization’s interests or needs change before you are connected with a resident, just let us know by submitting an updated letter.

Take a look at this Sample Letter Form that lists the information we need from you.  Feel free to submit the form as your letter. 

Some of our recent Community Collaborators are:

PlySpace is making a difference in this community, and I look forward to continuing to work with them to help bring art, inspiration, and exploration to my students and the Muncie community.
— Rebecca Parker, Upward Bound